Why website designing and development is important for a business?

Before starting i have question for the business owner’s in how many location can you go at one time or one day? the answer is 1 or 2 or max 3.

It’s so obvious one person cannot visit multiple location’s. So in this case website comes into the picture,website is nothing but an face of you and your company, it can go any where in the crowd of 753.04 crores of population in the whole world,isn’t that sound good.that means you are exposing your business digitally in the whole world on just 1 click.if this websites are strategically designed and developed then it can take your business to right track in the digital world.Even though if you own a small company it doesn’t matter! the way your website is designed and showcased in the market the people who are looking for your services will gain trust on you because your company has presence on the internet.

what all things can i showcase in my website?

This is your question now isn’t it?

You can write about your company your team and how long have you been in this business,an even you can show your portfolio,the biggest thing is you can show people that with which category of client’s you have worked with.

If you have product that you sell offline from years and years you can now target different locations and make your business scalable and even take the payments online.

There different type of websites that you can see on the internet.

What does these two types mean right?

  • Dynamic websites are those which are made with the help of ready platforms or Cms’s like wordpress,joomla an other.
  • Advantage of such websites are that they are self editable ,they can even hadled by a lay man.
  • Disadvantages of these type is that they sometimes becomes very slow because of two servers(one is our own and other where that cms files are hosted.)

Category of websites

What does that 3 kinky categories means?

  • Business category is one which is just a portfoio of your company it can be made in static or cms method.
  • Ecommerce category is when you are planning to make product selling websites,there are now two types in this too,one is single vendor and another is multivendor like amazon and flip cart.
  • Crm stands for customer relationship management,this are the tools which make our business sales and other departments to run smoothly.

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